Dear Friends

An Official Letter from The Equality Coalition

This is the official site of The Equality Coalition which is still driven by its founders, Daniel L. Curcio and Yeremiah Hardt.  Our organization is about developing our communities in ways that make them safer and more enjoyable places for everyone.  While our main focus is LGBT+ Rights we work with our allies and ensure that all of our events are 100% accessible for those who are differently-abled .  If you join an existing chapter or decide to make one on your own, let us know and we will give you the tools to help start making positive and lasting change.  We believe that our silence and oppression need to come to an end and have our voices heard and our expression seen.  We will have more to come as we are still developing our page.  Thank you for visiting our page stopping by.

In Solidarity,

Daniel L. Curcio and Yeremiah Hardt

Founders, The Equality Coalition

Daniel L. Curcio

Local, State, and National Organizer